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We like to consider our manpower, our training, our equipment and our clients; our strengths.

We have invested in manpower training not only to have a well informed task force but also for better quality service for longer periods of time.

Every branch manager has experience of at least 4 years in the logistics industry. 

Below is a list of the branch managers specified with every branch:

  1. Kanpur                       Mr. Indra Pal Singh               

  2. Allahabad                  Mr. H N Singh                         

  3. Jagdishpur                Mr. P D Mishra                       

  4. Lucknow                    Mr. K K Singh                         

  5. Kolkata                       Mr. K K Sharma                          

  6. New Delhi                  Mr. Rajiv Jain                         

  7. Ahmedabad               Mr. Ravindra Kumar             

  8. Faridabad                   Mr. Udit Trivedi                     

  9. Phoolpur                    Mr. Hansraj Yadav                  

  10. Ghaziabad                  Mr. Pawan Soni                     

  11. Mumbai                      Mr. Deepak Jain                   

  12. Korba                          Mr. S S Lamba                      

  13. Varanasi                     Mr. Sandeep Yadav                    

  14. Agra                            Mr. Pradeep Jain                   

  15. Baroda                        Mr. Sunil Sharma   

  16. Raipur                         Mr. Shivendra Yadav              

  17. Haridwar                    Mr. Vinod Shukla                        

  18. Jharsuguda                Mr. U N Sahu                          

  19. Rudrapur                    Mr. Sanjiv Singh                     

  20. Visakhapatnam         Mr. Ram Lochan                    

  21. Vapi                             Mr. Gaurav Jain                     

A lot of training and techniques are used to empower our employees and help them exceed the normal logistical expectations from our clients.

We provide :

  • Driver training / Hydraulic trailer training. 

  • E-way bill and transit document training. 

  • Training - Central motor vehicle rules, 1989 and amendments. 

  • Warehouse safety and warehouse evacuation training. 


Kataria Carriers with a customer first focus has been growing with a CAGR of 19% since 2007-2008. To help transport goods more comfortable and easily, we are investing increasingly every year in our equipment, not only by adding more vehicles, but also by increasing coverage. Coverage across the country provides single platform solutions across the length and breadth of India. 

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