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Storage made Simple

Located in the logistical hub of Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur. We provide great connectivity to North and Eastern India via NH-2, NH-25 and the Eastern Freight Corridor. Our built-to-suit warehouses are constructed in a 20 acre complex with ample parking space for the unhindered movement of your goods.


Proximity to National Highways

Just 200 meters from NH 2 (Delhi-Kolkata) and NH 25, our fantastic location ensures quick movement of goods. NH 2 & NH 25 are part of the Golden Quadrilateral and the East-West Corridor respectively. Hence, we provide you connectivity not only with Delhi, Kolkata and Lucknow but to other important cities of India as well.

Proximity to Eastern Freight Corridor

We are just 500 meters from the Eastern Corridor and hence provide fast movement of goods between North and East India. The 1280 Km long Double Line corridor is fit for Double stack container operation.

Built-to-Suit Warehouse Solutions

The storage and warehousing requirements of each company is different. We at Kataria Carriers aim to understand the needs of the client and provide Built-to-Suit (BTS) storage and warehousing services.

Internal Road Network

We have developed internal roads for the purpose of loading/unloading and they are 40-60 feet wide (suitable for movement for all kind of trucks and trailers). This results in less loading/unloading and consequently reduces turn-around time.

24/7 Operations

To facilitate the movement of goods, we provide round the clock loading/unloading of goods. The loading/unloading employees can be provisioned to be in close proximity to the warehousing complex, this results in reduced turn-around time.

Column-free structures

We have invested in column free structures for our warehouses. This improves the efficiency of warehouse operations and also increases the usable storage area. We pass on these benefits to you in the form of lower per unit storage costs.

Galvalume Sheets

To provide better protection to goods, we use high quality Tata Bluescope galvalume sheets in our warehouses. Galvalume sheets are the most resistant roofing material to wind, fire and moisture. They are environmentally friendly as well as they can lower cooling charges.

Flexible MIS Reports

Daily / Weekly / Monthly MIS reports based on our discussions with your management team in a defined format.

Truck Parking Area

Parking area for over 50 trucks has been provided in the warehouse complex- thereby providing reduced turn-around time in movement of goods.


Warehouse Infrastructure Services


Warehouse Management Services

We value all our clients and they become a part of the Kataria Family. Please contact us to find out how we can help you with your supply chain needs -

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